Welcome to my shop.

Here you will find all products I currently have available.

If you don't like glitter and simply want wax melts without any fuss, all of my mini wax melts or individual wax shapes come as they are. No glitter, no fuss, just a beautiful aroma.

I do use biodigradable glitter and mica powder in other melts, often the limited edition melts will come with one or the other (sometimes both) but it will be stated in the listings. 

The wax I use is a plant based wax, which is natural, renewable & biodegradable, gives a good appearance and a fabulous scent throw, with a percentage of parrafin wax added to take away the stickiness to make it easier to handle and enhance the scent throw.

All products are clp compliant.

If you have any questions or would like to make any suggestions, feel free to contact us.