About me

Hello and welcome to Fragrantasia!

I live in North Yorkshire with my husband and 3 children. 

I began candle making 4 years ago, and started because I wanted to make something I would get use out of. Being a waxaholic, candlemaking was the perfect craft for me to learn.

My first batch of candles was terrible! They either tunnelled, pooled too quickly or just had no scent throw. After my first tests failed I began to research more on how to get that perfect candle, and soon realised there was a lot more to it! 

I tried different wax/wicks/fragrance combinations and after a few months I had a breakthrough, and my first 'perfect' candle was ready. Since then I have been successful with various recipes and decided to set up a small business with the encouragement of friends and family. 

I have since moved on and mainly make wax melts, but i am also experimenting with new fragranced products.

Fragrantasia was born! Although a new website, my experience means i know how to create beautiful, long lasting fragranced products, and my passion shows in my products.

I have had fun creating this website with my very imaginative daughter, and I hope you enjoy your whole experience of purchasing and using Fragrantasia's products.